Attractive Rebun Island

Rebun Island is located a little further north than Rishiri Island, off the northwest tip of Hokkaido. It’s filled with beautiful nature, thus giving it the nickname ‘Flower Island’. You can enjoy alpine flowers even at sea level. Although Rishiri Island is a volcanic island formed about 200,000 years ago, Rebun Island was formed as the seafloor rose up. This area has many endemic and rare species, particularly plants, that can only be found growing there.

Tourism of Rebun IslandTourism of Rebun Island


Experience of Rebun IslandExperience of Rebun Island


Meal of Rebun IslandMeal of Rebun Island


Rebun Island Travel ItineraryRebun Island Travel Itinerary

[1st Day]Arrive at Kafuka Port!!

[01]Get to the Inn

Taste sea urchins from Rebun Island

[2nd Day]

[02]Cape Sukoton (Sukoton Misaki)

Admire the view of Japan’s northernmost area

[03]Edoya Sando Path

Go on a hike along the flower trail

[04]Seafood Diner Kafuka

Enjoy charcoal grilled seafood

[05]Kita-no-Canaria Park

Visit filming locations

[06]Jizo-iwa Rock

Enjoy the dusk time view

[3rd Day]

Depart from Kafuka Port

Plan of Travel