Rishiri Island Outline

Rishiri Island is one of the remote islands located in the northern tip of Japan. At the center of the island, there is a huge volcano called Mt. Rishiri. It has vast and varied landscapes such as virgin forests and marshlands. The island itself is very small with a coastline of 63 Kilometers. It can be reached from Wakkanai Island by train or from Rishiri Airport, the first remote-island-airport in Hokkaido.

Tourism of Rishiri IslandTourism of Rishiri Island


Experience of Rishiri IslandExperience of Rishiri Island


Meal of Rishiri IslandMeal of Rishiri Island


Rishiri Island Travel ItineraryRishiri Island Travel Itinerary

[1st Day]Arrive at Rishiri Airport!!

[01]Himenuma Swamp

Take a walk in the calm forest

[02]Cape Peshi & Yuhigaoka Sunset Observatory

Enjoy the dusk time

[2nd Day]


Try to climb Mt.Rishiri

[3rd Day]

[04]Odashi no Risen

Stop by the dashi speciality store

[05]Rishiri Island Station “Kaisou-no-Sato Rishiri”

Visit galleries and artists’ studios

[06]Miraku(Ramen Restaurant)

Enjoy ramen

Depart from Rishiri Airport

Plan of Travel